Front Rear Seat Cushion and Backrest for Tesla Model 3 Model Y - Breathable Material (2017-2023)
SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR TESLA MODEL 3/Y - Compatible with Model 3/Y (2017-2023). Exclusive cut to fit the shape of the seat. BREATHABLE MATERIAL - Breathable material does not affect the seat heating function, available in all seasons.  WASHABLE - The...
from $79.99
Neck Support Pillow for Tesla Accessories - Model S/X/3/Y - 1PCS (2012-2023)
COMPATIBLE WITH ALL TESLA MODELS - Our headrests are compatible with all Tesla vehicles, so if you like them, you can buy this headrest no matter which EV you own. MAKE THE NECK COMFORTABLE - On long trips or long drives,...
$56.99 $46.99
Tesla Model 3/Y Under Front Seat Air Vent Covers (1 Pair) (2017-2023)
Custom-designed: The backseat air vent cover has been custom-cut specifically for Tesla. Fit all Tesla Model 3/Y. Great Protector: With balance holes which won't affect ventilation. Effective block impurities and small items. Strong Material: Made from durable ABS plastic. Sturdy and durable. Easy...
$29.99 $22.99
Support Pillow for Tesla Accessories - Model S/X/3/Y (2012-2023)
On long trips or long drives, you need a neck pillow to relax your neck well and not feel fatigue. Our headrests are compatible with all Tesla vehicles, so if you like it, you can buy this headrest no matter...
from $34.99
Tesla Model Y Under Front Seat Storage Box (2020-2023)
SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR TESLA MODEL Y - Compatible with Model Y (2020-2023) MORE STORAGE IN YOUR MODEL Y - Our storage boxes make effective use of this space. Any toys, cups, tools, small decorations or anything can be placed under...
Dog Seat Cover For Pets 100% Waterproof For Tesla Model S3XY - Visible Mesh Window (2012-2023)
Visible Mesh Window - This dog seat cover with mesh window offers a better air circulation, help your dog reduce anxiety and remain calm while driving. Water resistance seat cover with Side Flaps - 600D oxford with water-resistant coating and...
$56.99 $49.99
Tesla Model Y/3/S/X Special Seat Cushion Winter Car Seat Cushion Plush Keep Warm (1PCS) (2012-2023)
Longer Lasting Comfort -  ideal for cars, home offices, and travelling, this seat cushion helps to adjust your body better while reducing pressure on your tailbone or coccyx for better focus and energy. The Fifth Generation Of Polymer Elastomers -...
from $48.99
Anti-Kick Rear Seat Slide Rails Cover For Model 3/Y Accessories (2 pairs) (2017-2023)
The latest design of slide rail protection cover. Can cover the sharp points of the guide rails.   Features: Easy installation- Loosen the screws and put the slide protection cover on, then tighten the screws. Made fromhigh quality and sturdy...
$19.99 $16.99
Tesla Model Y / 3 armrest box decorative cover TPE material, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant (2017-2023)
Perfect fit for Model 3 2017-2022, Model Y 2020-2022 The surface is made of TPE, which is comfortable to the touch The interior is made of high elastic filling material, which is not easy to deform Putting your arms up...
Rear Car Seat Protector For Baby Car Seat - For All Tesla S/X/3/Y Models (2012-2023)
Carseat Life Saver: If you are looking for a stylish yet highly resilient car seat protector mat, then you should end your search here. This car seat pad will protect your car's upholstery, extend the life of your vehicle and...
$55.99 $45.99
Anti-Scratch Protective Cover Under The Front Seat For Model 3/Y Accessories (2017-2023)
When you enter the door, it will inevitably kick flower below the support frame, protective cover will protect your support frame from wear and tear.   Features: Perfect match - made according to the original mold, no rattling during driving...
$42.99 $32.99
[Real Carbon Fiber] Armrest Cover For Tesla Model 3 / Y, Center Console Cover (2017-2023)
COMPATIBLE MODELS - Specially designed to fit 2017-2023 Model 3/Y (All Model 3/Y). REAL CARBON FIBER - This product uses Japan Toray 3K 240G carbon fiber raw material. Toray is the world's top carbon fiber supplier. 3K 240G carbon fiber filament...
Tesla Cooling Cushion Seat protection Cushion Summer Cooling For Model 3/Y/S/X (2012-2023)
In the summer our Tesla seats can be very hot to drive comfortably. The interior of the product is filled with cooling gel, which can quickly dissipate heat, reduce seat temperature and improve driving experience. Works with all Tesla models...
from $36.99
Seat Track Protect Cover For Model Y Accessories (2020-2023)
The Tesla interior surfaces are flocked, you will always get dirty inadvertently, or over time, dust will always be adsorbed on it. You think the floor mat can solve this problem, of course, it can solve part of it, but...
$69.99 $49.99
Tesla Pillow Quilt - Pillow Unfolds to be a Quilt - Great For Chill or In-car Rest For Model 3 Y S X
It can be used as a pillow at ordinary times to support the waist and reduce driving fatigue At the same time, it can be unzipped and turned into a quilt, which is used when you feel cold or want...
from $49.99
Pet Safety Seat For Model S/X/3/Y Accessories (2012-2023)
Let your pet travel with you (safely). When pet lovers take their pets out, the pets will walk around in the car, which will affect driving safety, but the seat is a good solution to this problem. Features: Made of...
Model Y Backseat Storage Tray & Trash Can (2020-2023)
More storage and 2 more cup holders in your Model Y within arms reach.  Our new backseat storage tray is designed to fit under the armrest in the back seat.  This storage box is great with the built in male...
$49.99 $39.99
Model 3 & Y Seat Switch Caps Silver/Carbon Fiber (2017-2023)
Give your Tesla a different style, protect your seat adjustment buttons and make your Tesla stand out.   Features: Made of high quality and sturdy ABS material, Long-lasting guarantee of beautiful results Each piece is precision-cut for a perfect installation...
$29.99 $26.99
Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Rear Seat Folding Table (2017-2023)
Custom design Airplane Style Folding Table for Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Rear Seat Convenient - Foldable table can be used as dining or working table... Can easily accommodate your laptop, tablet or phone. Easy installation - Directly replace...
[Real Carbon Fiber] Backseat Cover, Rear Seat Back Overlay for Tesla Model 3/Y (1 Pair) (2017-2023)
COMPATIBLE MODELS - Specially designed to fit 2017-2023 Model 3/Y (All Model 3/Y). PROTECT THE BACK OF THE SEAT - Even with frequent kicks here, the sturdy carbon fiber material won't leave any scratches. At the same time, the smooth surface...
[Real Carbon Fiber] Backseat Center Console Base Cap, Anti-kick Protection Panel (2017-2023)
COMPATIBLE MODELS - Specially designed to fit 2017-2023 Model 3/Y (All Model 3/Y). SECURE THE BACKSEAT CENTER CONSOLE - Even with frequent kicks here, the sturdy carbon fiber material won't leave any scratches. At the same time, the smooth surface easily...
Tesla Model 3 Y Rear Seat USB Port Protection Cover Dustproof and Waterproof (2017-2023)
Fits Model 3 2017-2023, Model Y 2020-2023, USB-A and USB-C Protect the rear USB interface from being damaged from dust and water damage Pasted with 3M adhesive tape, easy to install, no glue left after removal
Tesla Model 3 / Y Armrest Leather Cover Soft Material Improves Comfort For Long Distances (2017-2023)
Perfect fit for Model 3 2017-2023, Model Y 2020-2023 Made of artificial leather and padding, the surface is comfortable and the interior is elastic Putting your arms up is more comfortable than the original armrest box, suitable for long drive...