2024 Model 3 Highland Accessories

Model 3/Y Hidden Foldable Central Control Screen Lower Storage Box for Tesla (Suitable for 2024 Model 3 Highland)
Upgrade your Tesla Model 3/Y interior with our Hidden Open and Close Central Control Screen Lower Storage Box Tissue Storage Modification. Designed to provide a seamless and original car experience, this storage box is a must-have accessory for all Tesla...
$79.99 $49.99
2024 Model 3 Highland Brake Caliper Covers (4Pcs) for Tesla
 Note: There are two versions of the Model 3 Highland rear wheel caliper covers available in North America. Please choose the appropriate caliper cover based on your car's brake caliper.       Brake Caliper Covers for 2017-2023 Model 3:...
Center Console Organizer and Armrest Box for Tesla 2024 Model 3 Highland
Introducing the Model 3 Center Console Organizer - the perfect accessory to keep your Tesla Model 3's interior neat and organized. With its partition storage compartments, you can efficiently store and separate your belongings, making it easy to find what...
from $24.99
2024 Model 3 Highland Tempered Glass(9H) Screen Protector For Tesla
Specifically designed for the 2024 Model 3 Highland. Features: Enhance the safety and longevity of your 2024 Model 3 Highland Edition's screen with the 2024 Model 3 Highland Tempered Glass(9H). This high-quality screen protector is designed specifically to fit the...
$39.99 $28.99
Wheel Hub Caps Center Cover for 2024+ Model 3 Highland 18 Inch Photon Wheel (4 PCS)
Features: High-quality Material: The Wheel Center Hub Cap for 2024+ Tesla Model 3 Highland 18inch Wheel is made from premium materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Perfect Fit: These hub caps are specifically designed to fit the 18-inch Photon wheels...
Wheel Rims Touch Up Paint for Tesla 2024 Model 3 Highland - DIY Curb Rash Repair with Color-matched Touch Up Paint
Fitment: 2024 Model 3 Highland 18'' Photon Wheel and 19'' Nova Wheel Perfect Color Match: The Wheel Hub Repair Paint Pen is specially designed to match the original paint color of your Tesla Model 3, ensuring a seamless and flawless...
Model 3/Y Storage Box Intelligent Control Physical Buttons For Tesla
Ever wished for a more convenient way to control your Tesla's in-car systems, especially if you find touchscreens less user-friendly? Introducing our Model 3/Y Storage Box with Intelligent Control and Physical Buttons – a solution crafted to address the need...
$189.99 $129.99
Mud Flaps Splash Guards Front Rear Mudguard Kit, No Drill Fender(4 Pcs) for Tesla 2024 Model 3 Highland
Upgraded Design: Specially designed for 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland, suitable size, practical and beautiful. No Need To Drill Holes.  Installation: Align the original car hole mounting screws, no damage to the original car paint Durability: Made of high-quality plastic,...
Performance Spoiler For Tesla 2024 Model 3 Highland
Puttin' on this spoiler makes your ride more efficient, speeds it up, and saves juice. It boosts grip, stability, and gives your 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highsland a fierce, sporty vibe.  Features: The Performance Version Spoiler is specifically designed to...
$169.99 $119.99
All Weather Floor Mats For Tesla 2024 Model 3 Highland
Exclusive Release: We're proud to be the first to introduce floor mats for the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland. Opting for Teslaunch ensures your Highland Model 3's interior stays protected right from the beginning. Tailored to Perfection: Our floor mats...
from $119.99
Center Console USB Hub for Tesla 2024 Model 3 Highland
Features: 1:1 scanning of the original car ensures perfect fit and tight stitching of the mold edges and corners Equipped with three sockets, this USB hub allows for simultaneous charging of multiple devices, making it ideal for both personal and...
$69.99 $36.99
Upgrade Built-in Reflective Sunroof Sunshade for 2024 Model 3 Highland - Lightweight Reflective Silver Coated Sun Visor
This Tesla Model 3 Highland Sunroof Sunshade blocks the scorching sun while keeping you riding in style. The innovative two-in-one reflective sunshade honeycomb silver cloth can block ultraviolet rays without affecting the scenery outside the window in the car. Split...
  • Common Issue 1: What accessories does Teslaunch currently offer for the Tesla Model 3 Highland?

    Teslaunch offers a full line of accessories designed specifically for the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland. Our products include custom floor mats, sunshades, rim protectors, cargo liners, hubcap center caps, roof racks, genuine carbon fiber range, fenders, seat cushions, center console organizers, spoilers, hub caps, Alcantara series, brake caliper cover, mesh grille panel, storage box, mobile phone holder, front bumper, PPF, trunk mat, dashboard cover, rim touch-up paint, tempered glass (9H) screen Protective film, side anti-kick pads, support pillow, USB Hub.

  • Common Issue 2: Why choose Teslaunch for Tesla Model 3 Highland accessories?

    Choosing Teslaunch for your Tesla Model 3 Highland accessories means opting for a one-stop solution that combines affordability with high quality. Our products are perfectly adapted to fit your Model 3 Highland, ensuring seamless integration. With Teslaunch, you benefit from cost-effective pricing, high-quality products, and excellent after-sales service, making us the best choice for enhancing your Tesla experience.

  • Common Issue 3: How do Teslaunch accessories enhance the Tesla Model 3 Highland?

    Our accessories are designed not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Tesla Model 3 Highland but also to improve its functionality. From durable floor mats that protect your interior to sleek sunshades that keep your cabin comfortable, each accessory has been crafted to meet the specific needs of Tesla owners, ensuring perfect compatibility and an enhanced driving experience.

  • Common Issue 4: Can I expect the accessories to last long without needing replacement?

    Yes, Teslaunch’s 2024 Model 3 Highland Series accessories are engineered to last. They are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand regular use without the need for frequent replacement.