Silicone Key Protector for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X Keys - Key Fob Holder
The Tesla Silicone Key Protector is the perfect accessory for Tesla owners looking for a high-quality, stylish, and practical key cover. Made of environmentally friendly silicone, this key cover is odorless, anti-skid, and wear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use. Features Made of...
$10.99 $6.99
Neck Support Pillow for Tesla Accessories - Model S/X/3/Y - 1PCS (2012-2024)
Driving for long hours can be tiring, and it often leads to neck discomfort and fatigue. But with this neck support pillow, you can relax your neck well and not feel fatigued. The memory foam core helps to alleviate pressure...
$39.99 $23.99
Wireless Game Controller for Tesla Model S/X/3/Y (2012-2024)
SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR TESLA MODEL 3/Y/S/X - Compatible with Model 3/Y/S/X (2012-2024). PERFECT FIT - Through connection and button test, ensure a perfect match with Tesla. Unlike low-priced gamepads on the market, the stability is excellent. EASY TO INSTALL -...
$46.99 $29.99
Alloy and Leather Key Fob Cover for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X
The luxurious alloy material used in the key fob cover is of high quality, providing a sleek and elegant look. It is also easy to interact with, ensuring a lossless original car signal restoration with 99% distance from the original...
$29.99 $19.99
Plaid SpaceBalls Tribute for Tesla, Die-Cast Aluminum Badge Trunk Emblem - For All Tesla Models (2012-2024)
A TRIBUTE TO THE SPIRIT OF PLAID - Add a PLAID Emblem to any TESLA you may own.  Originally this emblem was installed on the first 25 Plaid Model S's given out at the event in Fremont California in June of...
Rim Protector Wheel Rim Guard Strip for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X (4 Wheels)
Protect your Tesla wheels from scratches with our durable and wear-resistant TPE material hub protection strip, ensuring your car always looks its best. Our hub protection strip is suitable for all sizes of Tesla wheels, so you can rest assured...
Electrostatic Adsorption Sunroof Sunshade for Tesla Model 3/Y (not fit for 2024 Model 3 Highland)
With its electrostatic adsorption feature, the Tesla Electrostatic Adsorption Sunroof Blind is incredibly easy to install - simply attach it to your sunroof and you're good to go. It's designed to fit perfectly with your Tesla, so you won't have...
Model S/X/3/Y Turn Signal Cover (1 Pair) (2016-2023)
COMPATIBILITY:  These fit 2019-2021 Model S & Model X.  Model 3 & Model Y made through April 2021. After April all of the TESLA Models have a lip on the curved side closest to the camera. This raised lip does...
$23.99 $18.99
Model Y Mud Flaps Splash Guards (4 pcs) for Tesla(2020-2024)
Add a splash guard to your Tesla Model Y and protect it from road sludge, rock chips, dirt, snow, and the dreaded sling from tire dressing - all while looking sporty! Unlike other Tesla Model Y mud flaps on the market that may...
from $34.99
Model 3/Y Under Front Seat Air Vent Covers (1 Pair) for Tesla(2017-2023)
These custom-designed covers are the perfect fit for all Tesla Model 3/Y vehicles. They are made from durable ABS plastic, ensuring they are sturdy and durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. They are also effective at blocking impurities...
$16.99 $9.99
Comfortable and Breathable Cotton and Linen Cushion for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
Comfort and style meet with the Cotton and Linen Cushion for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Made with high-quality cotton and linen fabrics, this cushion provides a comfortable and breathable seating experience, making long drives or commutes a breeze....
from $39.99