Air Intake Vent Cover For Tesla Model Y (2020-2023)
CUSTOM DESIGN: Based on the 3D scanning data, Tesla Model Y Air Inlet Vent Cover is designed for protecting air inlet. EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: Effectively protecting the air intake filters, preventing mosquitoes, gravel, leaves and other little items from entering your...
Tesla Model 3 2021-2023 Air Intake Filter External and Internal For Tesla Maintenance
Custom-designed (Patent Design) : The Air intake filters have been custom-cut specifically for model 3. Air Inlet Filter: Install Air inlet filter to further increase the cabin air quality of the Tesla Model 3. Premium Material: Made to prevent outside allergens and...
from $22.99
Air Intake Vent Cover For Tesla Model 3 (2021-2023)
Custom design Air Intake Vent Cover for Tesla Model 3 Balanced hole pattern which won't effect ventilation. Effectively block leaves or debris from clogging up the airflow Made with durable ABS plastic Easily install with adhesive tape, no drilling or...
Air Vent Intake Protection Cover For Model 3 (2017-2020)
SPECIAL DESIGN It is customized fit for 2017 2018 2019 2020 Tesla model 3 Left driving exterior accessories front trunk air inlet decoration cover air intake filter. Tesla 3 accessories HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL It is made of quality matte finish black ABS plastic,...
HEPA Air Filter With Activated Carbon For Model 3/Y (2017-2023)
Tesla Model 3 Model Y filter: HEPA air filter can more effectively adsorb harmful particles and gases, filter particles above 0.3 microns in 30 mins. Premium HEPA Cabin Filters prevent harmful fine particles and dust from entering the vehicle cabin while...
Cabin Air Filter With Activated Carbon For Model S/X (2012-2023)
Replacement for Tesla Model S 2012-2020 in Passenger Compartment Air Filters, with a filter rating of 97%. Replacement for all Tesla Model X, with a filter rating of 97%. Effective Protection: Cabin air filter offers exceptional protection from dust, soot, pollen, and other airborne...
Under Hood Rain Gutter Filters For Tesla Model Y Accessories (1 Pair) (2020-2023)
Our new Model Y Under Hood Rain Gutter Filters will stop leaves and debris from clogging up your under-hood water drains. These filters will stop leaves from falling into the basin catch area where the fender drain is located. If...
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