Foldaway Phone Mount Holder With MagSafe For Tesla Model 3/Y (2017-2023)
SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR TESLA MODEL 3/Y - Compatible with Model 3/Y (2017-2023) EASILY HOLD YOUR PHONE - The magnetic phone holder can simply hover your phone, it's like a magic trick. It has the magnetic force of sixteen magnets to...
$49.99 $39.99
Tesla Dashboard Steering Wheel Phone Holder Magnetic Magsafe Wireless Charging Phone Holder For Model 3 / Y (2017-2023)
Stay Hands-free: With our wireless charging phone holder for Tesla, you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while still having access to your phone and navigation. Smartphone Compatibility: Our phone holder is magnetic for...
from $59.99
Model 3/Y 2023 New Solar Phone Holder For Tesla (2017-2023)
The Model 3/Y Solar Phone Holder is the perfect accessory for your car's dashboard. Not only does it keep your phone in the ideal position, but it also offers solar charging capabilities to keep your phone charged on-the-go. The automatic...
$62.99 from $52.99
Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Cellphone Holder (2017-2023)
Hands-free driving made easy: Keep your phone securely in place with this innovative dashboard cellphone holder, allowing you to keep your focus on the road ahead. Perfect viewing angle: With its ideal positioning and gravity latch, this phone holder ensures...
$39.99 $29.99
Tesla Model 3/Y Back Seat Pad & Phone Mount (360 Degree Tablet Support)
Transform your car's back seat into a comfortable and convenient space with this Back Seat Pad & Phone Mount. Specifically designed to fit model 3/Y, this product features a phone holder and pad holder, making it ideal for rear row...
$34.99 $22.99
Tesla Wireless Phone Charging Pad For Model 3/Y (2017-2020)
Upgraded Perfect For Tesla Model 3 Without Software Issues: Unlike other Tesla Model 3 wireless chargers, this one has no software issues and can be directly connected to the Tesla front ports. The package includes two USB splitters, with the thicker...
$89.99 $69.99
Model 3/Y Solar Automatic Clamping Phone Holder (2017-2023)
The Model 3/Y Solar Phone Holder is a must-have accessory for your Tesla Model 3/Y car, designed to keep your phone safe and secure while you drive. With this phone holder, you can easily clip your phone in place without...
$39.99 $32.99
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