Tesla Model Y(2020-2023) Thermal Insulated Windows Sunshades / Privacy Curtains for Tesla Car Sun Visor and Privacy Protector
Tesla Model Y (2020-2023) 360° protect your privacy.   Opaque material block out the light 100%! It covers the front & rear door windows, triangular door windows and front &rear windshield. Make you feel at ease inside the car.  Features...
from $44.99
Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X(2012-2023) Foldable Umbrella Car Front Windshield Sunshade
The Umbrella windshield sunshade is a necessary accessory for every owner of the car. It effectively maintains a lower temperature by blocking and reflecting the sun rays. When you open the car door, you won’t be shocked by the hot...
Split Glass Roof Sunshade for Tesla Model Y(2020-2023) Sun Visor Accessories Sun Blocking Heat Shade
This Tesla Model Y(2020-2023) Sunroof Sunshade blocks the scorching sun. Split design of front and rear windows to avoid collapse in the middle.The double-layer Velcro detachable gear cloth satisfies the wishes of sun protection and enjong the scenery at the...
Retractable Windshield Sun Visor Shade for Tesla Model S/X/3/Y(2012-2023) With Suction Cups
The Tesla Windshield Shade make Your Car Cooler! The latest retractable sun shade, which is more convenient to use and bring a more pleasant experience to your daily use. It's accordion design makes it easy to pull out and fold....
Tesla Model Y(2020-2023) Sunshade With Magnets- Sunroof Cover Sun Visor
Tesla Model Y Sunroof Sunshade will help you cool down your model Y . It reduces heat transmission into the cabin by blocking two-thirds of solar thermal load and prevents driver and passengers from discomfort and overheating , especially for...
$89.99 $69.99
Front Windshield Sunshade For Tesla Model 3/Y (2017-2023) Windshield Cover
The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Front Windshield Sunshade reduces the amount of light and heat to enter the Tesla and ensures secrecy and gives you great space for privacy. Easy storage. It's the best tesla sunshade for you....
Innovative 2-in-1 Model 3/Model Y Split Sunroof Sunshade Lightweight Reflective Silver Coated Sun Visor
This Tesla Model 3/Y Sunroof Sunshade blocks the scorching sun while keeping you riding in style. The innovative two-in-one reflective sunshade honeycomb silver cloth can block ultraviolet rays without affecting the scenery outside the window in the car. Split design...
Model 3/Y Retractable Full Coverage Sunshade- Upgraded Sun Visor Accessories Covers Set of 2
Upgraded Retractable Glass Roof Sunshade allows you to open or close Anytime. The frame is mounted rock solid with no rattles. Features Block Sunlight & Reduce Heat Transfer- This Sunshades made of 5-layer composite materials. They achieve100% sunlight block out...
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